IHC Accessible Concert Series

IHC Accessible Concert Series

Relaxed Performances
6 Sep 2018 to 9 Nov 2018
Julian Raphael on guitar for IHC Accessible Concert Series

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Auckland Thu 6 Sep 2018 view
Christchurch Fri 12 Oct 2018 view
Napier Thu 25 Oct 2018 view
New Plymouth Fri 9 Nov 2018 view

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Artist information: 
Julian Raphael (guitar, voice)
Chelsea Makere-Savaiinaea (Hawke's Bay Music Therapist)
Kimberley Wade (Christchurch Music Therapist)
Laura Durville (Facilitator Mentee)
Debbie Rawson (soprano saxophone)
Robin Perks (violin)
Jacqueline Nordon (double bass)
Ross Harris (composer/accordion)
Louis Thompson-Munn (piano/vocalist)
Callum Allardice (guitar)
Chris Beernink (double bass)
Chamber Music Season: