IHC Accessible Concert Series

IHC Accessible Concert Series

Relaxed Performances
6 Sep 2018 to 9 Nov 2018
Julian Raphael on guitar for IHC Accessible Concert Series

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Auckland Thu 6 Sep 2018 view
Christchurch Fri 12 Oct 2018 view
Napier Thu 25 Oct 2018 view
New Plymouth Fri 9 Nov 2018 view

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Artist information: 
Julian Raphael (guitar, voice)
Chelsea Makere-Savaiinaea (Hawke's Bay Music Therapist)
Kimberley Wade (Christchurch Music Therapist)
Sidharth Pagad (Auckland Music Therapist)
Laura Durville (Facilitator Mentee)
Debbie Rawson (soprano saxophone)
Robin Perks (violin)
Jacqueline Nordon (double bass)
Ross Harris (composer/accordion)
Louis Thompson-Munn (piano/vocalist)
Callum Allardice (guitar)
Chris Beernink (double bass)
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