Leave a Bequest to CMNZ

A lasting legacy

For more than 65 years, Chamber Music New Zealand has promoted the performance, appreciation and enjoyment of chamber music across New Zealand.

A bequest can support CMNZ in a spectrum of ways - from general support to activities such as concert presentations or the many life-long learning elements of our community and education programme, including the chamber music contest for secondary school students.

Leaving a bequest to CMNZ costs you nothing today and will be a way to keep on giving beyond your lifetime.

Chamber Music New Zealand is proud to launch the Founders' Circle - a bespoke means of recognition for those who have made provisions for the future of CMNZ by leaving a gift in their Will

The Circle is named in honour of those who were instrumental in the establishment and growth of chamber music within New Zealand. 

Two such people that are key figures in our history are Fred Turnovsky and Arthur Hilton. Fred Turnovsky came to Nww Zealand in 1940, as one of a small number of European refugees. He founded the Wellington Chamber Music Society in 1945 and was instrumental in the formation of a national federation - what we now know as 'Chamber Music New Zealand'.

Viennese emigre Arthur Hilton was president of CMNZ for 20 years, and was effectively an upaid Chief Executive.  He was the founder of the Chamber Music Contest along with New Zealander Joan Kerr in 1965.

If you share our passion and commitment to make a cultural legacy even greater, we would be delighted to welcome you into the Founders' Circle

Thank You

Thank you for considering leaving a bequest to Chamber Music New Zealand. Together we can ensure that CMNZ will make a positive contribution to the lives of future generations, and that opportunities will continue to be available for young people to discover the magic of chamber music. 

If you decide to arrange for a planned gift to the Chamber Music New Zealand Foundation in your Will, please let us know in confidence; we would like to express our appreciation for your support in your lifetime.

Include a Charity

Chamber Music New Zealand is a proud member of Include a Charity - an organisation aimed at encouraging New Zealanders to leave a charitable gift in their Will.