Thank You

Thank you to all of our supporters

Our supporters are a vital part of our chamber music community. 
Each supporter makes it possible for us to create extraordinary experiences for young and old alike.
We are grateful to our generous donors who enable us to continue our work both on and off the concert platform.

Founders' Circle Members
Graeme Edwards
Arnold and Reka Solomons
The Estate of Jenni Caldwell

The Estate of Aileen Claridge
The Estate of Walter Freitag
The Estate of Chisne Gunn
The Estate of Warwick Gordon Harris
The Estate of Joan Kerr
The Estate of Dawn Oaten
The Estate of Monica Taylor


Ensemble ($10,000+)
Kaye & Maurice Clark
Gill and Peter Davenport
Peter and Carolyn Diessl
Professor Jack Richards


Octet ($5,000+)
M Hirschfeld Children's Trust
Robin and Sue Harvey
Hylton LeGrice and Angela Lindsay
The Lyons Family - in memory of Ian Lyons
Kerrin and Noel Vautier

Lloyd Williams and Cally McWha

Quintet ($2,500+)
Joy Clark
John and Trish Gribben
Ann Harden
Jane Kominik
Collin Post
Arnold and Reka Solomons
Peter and Kathryn Walls


Quartet ($1,000+)
Anonymous (2)
Donald and Susan Best
Roger and Joanna Booth
Philip and Rosalind Burdon

Rick and Lorraine Christie
Roger Christmas

The Cranfylde Charitable Trust
Peter and Rae Fehl
Finchley Trust
Dame Jennifer Gibbs
Patricia Gillion
Barbara M. V. Hercus
David and Heather Hutton
Linda MacFarlane

Elizabeth McLeay
Roger and Jenny Mountfort

Barbara Peddie
Roger Reynolds
Martin and Catherine Spencer
Basil and Jenny Stanton

Alison Thomson
Ann Trotter
Judith Trotter
Anna Wilson

Bruce Wilson and Jill White
Ann Wylie
David Zwartz


Trio ($500+)
Anonymous (6)
Diane Baguley
Philippa Bates
Harry and Anne Bonning
MD and MA Carr
JD Cullington
Jonathan Cweorth

Graeme and Di Edwards
Hanno Fairburn
Tom and Kay Farrar
John Farrell
Anne French Consulting Ltd
Belinda Galbraith
Pat Gibson

Laurie Greig
Douglas and Barbara Holborow

E Prof Les Holborow
Michael Houstoun and Mike Nicolaidi
Roger King and Liffy Roberts
Caroline List

Fiona Macmillan and Briony Macmillan
Margaret Malaghan
Raymond and Helen Matias

AE McAloon
Andrew and Mary McEwen
Shelley and Euan Murdoch
Prue Olde
Miles Rogers
Sylvia Rosevear
Peter and Juliet Rowe
John and Kathryn Sinclair
Mary Smit
Ross Steele
Priscilla Tobin
David Tripp
Patricia Unger
Richard and Elaine Westlake

Tim Wilkinson

Duet ($250+)
Anonymous (5)
Anita Banbury
John and Ann Barsby
Francie Beggs
Karen Biggs
Sarah Buist
Janet Blackman

Colin Calcinai
Bernard and Kay Card
Rick and Jenny Carlyon
Stephen Chalcroft and Doris Jelicich
Geoffrey and Deborah Close
James and Helen Hannan
Brian and Janice Lynch
Christopher Marshall
John and Pip McKay
Ian and Jenny McKinnon
Christina McLachlan
H Patricia Morrisey
Margaret Nielsen
Merwyn Norrish
Rory Sherlock
Auke and Elizabeth Smaal
Prue Tobin
Jeffrey Wilson



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