Regional Series

In addition to the our Subscription Season, featuring extraordinary ensembles of the highest international quality, CMNZ works alongside local presenters to promote New Zealand musicians and composers through our Regional Series.

Every year we receive well over fifty applications, from which CMNZ selects about ten ensembles ranging in size and type, for inclusion on the Regional Roster. These groups are then selected by presenters across the country, including an extensive network of volunteer music societies, who add these performers to their own vibrant seasons. 

Our Regional Series helps to bring wonderful New Zealand musicians to regional communities. CMNZ works with presenters and musicians to organise national tours that take NZ artists right across the length and breadth of Aotearoa. 


Do you put on concerts in your community? Are you looking for musicians with impressive credentials and a process in which CMNZ takes care of much of the admin associated with touring? Please get in touch if you wish to receive details of the groups available to tour.