The Unearthing of the Vintage Borodin Quartet article

Friday, 31 August 2018

Described as ‘the Russian Grand Masters’, the incomparably authentic Borodin Quartet deliver definitive performances steeped in tradition.

With seven decades of exceptional performance, the Borodin quartet are a unique phenomenon - one of the very few existing chamber ensembles with uninterrupted longevity. This Quartet has a place in the history-books like no other; they collaborated with Shostakovich and performed at Prokofiev's and Stalin's funerals. And while the politics of the world may have changed, from the Soviet Union, the Cold War, Glasnost and Perestroika, and now the current political backdrops, the Quartet's own distinctive musical quality has remained constant.The authentic knowledge and strong connection with Shostakovich and other music greats such as Haydn, Tchaikovsky, and Wolf has been passed down to members throughout the generations. Providing audiences around the world with “the experience the composers wanted to give them.” (Naidin)

An article from the Chamber Music New Zealand archives has been unearthed from 1987 detailing their upcoming New Zealand tour. While nowhere near the year of formation of the Quartet (1947), the momentous history of this prestigious Quartet is evident even then. Now over 30 years later the Borodin Quartet will return to our shores to mark the 125th anniversary of Tchaikovsky’s death, making for a formidable experience with one of the greatest quartets of the modern era. Take a read below...

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