Staff Picks: 2018 highlights

Monday, 30 October 2017

2018 will be a year long festival of music. The Season combines breath-taking quality with extraordinary range, featuring illustrious artists, beautiful programmes and enticing variety of genre and style.

We asked CMNZ staff the hard task of picking their personal highlights of the Season to come.


 I think this is the best CMNZ season ever – superb quality, extraordinary variety and truly international. I can’t wait to hear Anderson & Roe (pure virtuosity and wit), to meet Alex Ross, to be able to give New Zealanders the chance to hear viol consort playing at its ultimate level with Phantasm. Ensemble Zefiro, too, will bring a new dimension to high-end historical performance in Aotearoa. Last but not least, I so look forward to welcoming Hiroshi Ikematsu (such a personality and such a musician) back to this country. Truly, a year-long festival of chamber music.

- Peter Walls, Chief Executive



I can’t wait for this Season to begin, such variety and I hope, something for everyone! A personal highlight will be the amazing wind playing on historical instruments by Ensemble Zefiro. I have already heard the Heath Quartet live at the Wigmore Hall, so I know New Zealand audiences will be in for a treat with this terrific string quartet. The musical journey with Alex Ross with Bianca Andrew and STROMA will be fascinating, as they wend their way through a pivotal selection of music from the last 100 years or so. Piers Lane is always a favourite and MHIVC winner Ioana Cristina Goicea paired with another winner, Andrey Gugnin from the Sydney International Piano Competition will bring a new dimension to this bi-annual tour. 

- Catherine Gibson, Artistic Manager


It’s always so hard to choose… Anderson and Roe’s eclectic programme and energetic zeal will definitely start the year with a bang, I love what Heath Quartet are doing in education, and the Behn Quartet women are so inspiring (not to mention performing a killer programme). Then there's the Classical Sessions at The Third Eye (love your work Tuatara Brewery!) and of course Matariki for quality whānau time. But I have to say I’m so looking forward to seeing Hiroshi Ikematsu again, the man is a genius and the ‘Trout’ is top ten for a reason – if you've neer been to one of our concerts, this is one to watch.

- Shelley Davis, Marketing Manager


Where to start?!  Anderson and Roe’s tour is going to be a spectacular way to open the season, the Heath Quartet are going to offer some amazing education performances alongside their main tour, and the Alex Ross tour will also be something quite unique.   And to top it all off we have one of chamber music’s ‘top ten’ classics when Hiroshi Ikematsu and Piers Lane join members of NZSQ for Schubert’s Trout Quintet.  Spectacular from start to finish…

- Mandy Carian, Development Manager


Although the 2018 Season line up will be spectacular regardless, I am especially excited to hear the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo and their combinations of Leonard Cohen/Stravinsky, The Beatles/Bernstein & John Adams/Gluck. I anticipate an electric performance that will suit my classically minded friends as well as friends who don’t typically listen to classical music.

- Darcy Woods, Design Coordinator


 The 2018 Music Up Close season is full of excitement and there is a variety to appeal to everyone. I am looking forward to the piano duo Anderson & Roe and the Heath Quartet in addition to Ensemble Zefiro who will bring a bit of classical zest to NZ. And this is only the tip of the iceberg -  you are not going to want to miss a performance this season!

- Virginia Close, Development Executive



 A highlight for me is the Alex Ross, Bianca Andrew & Stroma tour; I am particularly looking forward to seeing Bianca perform again, and I love the combination of literature and music. Another favourite is the MHIVC winner’s tour: Ioana Christina Goicea & Andrey Gugnin; this tour will give the artists lots of opportunity to take music into the community – always a highlight.

- Rachel Hardie, Operations Coordinator & Wellington Concert Manager


  There is a great deal to like about the 2018 Season. I suppose that I am particularly looking forward to hearing Behn Quartet and The Klara Kollektiv – both include young kiwis pursuing international careers, who are passionate about coming home and sharing their music making – as well as their musical friends – with audiences across Aotearoa. As well as large centres, they will be playing in towns from Wanaka to Whangarei through our Regional Series.

I am also looking forward to hearing an exciting programme curated by the legendary Alex Ross – it will be thrilling to hear this programme of tasters that give a sense of the diversity of Western Art Music produced in the 20th and 21st century. I recall going along as a student to a concert Alex had curated and I can assure you this will be edge of your seat stuff!

- Jack Hobbs, Artistic Assistant


I love our overarching theme of “Music Up Close” - to me that’s the perfect byline for listening to chamber music! The flexibility of being able to offer so many distinctive performances under the one umbrella is thrilling. I’m particularly excited about the Alex Ross / Bianca Andrew & Stroma collaboration – combining the genres of literature with music is a no-brainer for me as isn’t chamber music just another form of storytelling? I’m also excited about the synergy of The Klara Kollektiv playing a world premiere by Anthony Ritchie as all these wonderful artists will all be involved with Contest 2018… watch this space! The Borodin Quartet are such a class act and their repertoire is a story all of its own! There is something for everyone in Season 2018.

- Sue Jane, Education and Outreach Coordinator



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