Natalie Hunt, Snapshots

Thursday, 21 September 2017
Natalie Hunt, Snapshots

(Photo taken by Natalie Hunt during her trip.)


Last year we asked New Zealand Composer Natalie Hunt, to write a new piece for the Imani Winds tour. Find out more about “Snapshots” directly from Natalie’s words and don’t miss the chance to hear it for yourself performed by the Imani Winds (touring 26 Sep - 12 Oct).



In 2016 I travelled overland from South Africa to Kenya, via Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania. I had wanted to travel to Africa for a long time; to see a glimpse of its beauty and massive diversity was a wonderful experience. I look forward to returning very much.

By coincidence, I was asked to write for Imani Winds while I was on the trip. Naturally, I jumped at the chance! I knew immediately that the piece would be inspired by what I was seeing. At first I was puzzled though about how to proceed. How could I even begin to describe the rich culture, history, economic situations, political climates, community spirit, delicious food, wildlife, landscapes…? And underneath all that I kept thinking ‘but I have still only seen so little, in such a short amount of time’!

And so, this work is as ‘snapshots’. Sawa sawa? Sawa sawa.*


Snapshots has three movements:

Namib reflects how I felt travelling through the desert in Namibia, where the landscape creeps and morphs, the rocks glow in the evening sun, and the night sky is brilliantly clear.

Mosi-oa-Tunya – “The Smoke Which Thunders” – is in response to trying to see the elusive Victoria Falls behind their spray.

Delta Dreams reminds me of gliding through the Okavango Delta, which in turns reminds me of other deltas around the world, such as the Niger, Amazon, and Mississippi.


*Sawa is Swahili for ‘ok’.