Interactive Q&A with Ensemble Zefiro

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The unapologetically entertaining Ensemble Zefiro are gearing up to bring their joyous and dazzling musical banquet to New Zealand. Two programmes, 8 venues across the country, Handel, Fasch, Telemann, Haydn and Mozart! This will be their first time in Aotearoa, and these concerts will be sure to pick up on every morsel of wit and ingenuity in the music, transporting audiences straight to the royal party for a rolicking good time!

All the way from Italy, the quirky and fun Oboist Alfredo Bernadini and Bassoonist Alberto Grazzi caught up with us recently to chat about their upcoming New Zealand tour and answer a few questions.


What is it like to play wind instruments? What are the challenges?


How do you want your audience to respond to the music you play?


When did you first start playing wind instruments? How did you start playing together?


What a beautiful ceiling! Where are you filming?


Tell us about Tafelmusik and Divertimenti.


If Mozart's Divertimenti were a wine, which would it be?


We are so excited you are coming to New Zealand! Have you been here before?


Ensemble Zefiro

Touring NZ 10 August - 22 August. Find out more here.