Galvanised:Beautifully refreshing

Sunday, 3 March 2013
Galvanised tour with CMNZ

By Andrew Buchanan-Smart, Waikato Times

Galvanised produced a charming concert full of humour, colour and lyricism where the conversational aspects of music were apparent.

In Dubois trio Les Tréteaux the quirky Prologue and Romantica flowed with ease from voice to voice with the hues beautifully subtle. 

The Two Fantastics by Takács for Saxophone and Piano Op. 88 complemented each other with the rubato having a free spirit and legato, while the giusto was decidedly more rhythmical and driven; full of energy.

The ever popular Sonata for Flute and Piano by Poulenc appeared fresh and flowed beautifully and the theme grew from a bud to a flower in the malinconico. The singing Cantilena was graceful and the presto was full of life as it spirited to a conclusion.

Shtiklekh, the klezmer inspired trio by Ross Harris started spaciously with the imitative or canonic interplay working especially well with a lovely blend and balance of textures.  The mood changed to encompass the dance element and the build to the climax was pulsating and energetic.

Irons performed three Preludes from Rachmaninov’s Op 23, the D major and G minor and the Op. 3 C sharp minor Bells of Moscow; all had warmth and the chordal voicing was finely balanced with the melody clearly delineated from the accompaniment. The power in the march was evident.

Four of Shostakovich’s Waltzes were perfect little cameos or characterisations shaped beautifully as each of the narratives unfolded. They each had something special to offer with the interplay between piano and wind quite delightful, from the languid and lazy to the high-jinx.

Eychenne’s trio Cantilène et Danse was boldly colourful in a late romantic flamboyantly virtuosic style. Typically French it was sensitive and expressive, energetic and virtuosic with jazzy elements included. This was an excellent programme, beautifully refreshing with light and colour as the main ingredients.