Experience Music Up Close in Virtual Reality!

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Chamber Music New Zealand has launched an exciting new project in VR. Teaming up with the new virtual reality company I Want To Experience and the internationally-acclaimed viol consort Phantasm, you can experience the fascinating inner-workings of chamber music out of the concert hall with this new virtual reality app.

On their recent tour of Aotearoa, Phantasm were filmed for nine hours to create a unique VR experience for audiences. "What’s quite extraordinary about this as musicians, is that we’re showing you our 'homework' before we get onto the stage - how we pull apart a piece of music, how we try to persuade our colleagues to try it a different way, how to get to an important point about a piece of music" Phantasm's director, Laurence Dreyfus explains. "What's really great about VR is the kind of intimacy that it brings for someone sharing this experience with us. You’re not just a member of an audience, you are with us in the physical bodily sense because you are so close, and I find it an extraordinary new way to bring people to chamber music, to our consort music."

"The intimacy and immediacy of chamber music aligns perfectly with virtual reality," says Chamber Music New Zealand CEO Peter Walls. "Being able to place yourself in an immersive VR experience with the wonderful viol consort Phantasm, one of the best early music ensembles in the world, means you will feel part of their music-making process, and even get to know them on a more human level. This is something we as audiences don’t often get to see, and it will only serve to enrich our experience of the music beyond the concert hall.”

Whether you're an early music enthusiast, music lover, school student, technology buff, or simply want to see something new, check out the app and immerse yourself in Music Up Close.


This is best experienced on the Oculus Go®. Download the App from their store here:


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