Early Music Series

Monday, 20 February 2017

Is it Early Music played superbly that gets you excited? With so much on offer in 2017 you can have it all for an incredible price with this specially tailored series.  


What concerts are in the Series?

17th-century court meets the ingenuity of jazz in an exciting fusion of genres that gives Purcell's genius new life.

Masaaki Suzuki & Juilliard415
Giants of the baroque era shine under the direction of this legendary Bach exponent and the extraordinary musicianship of J415.

Kuijken Quartet
See one of the most highly-regarded period-instrument ensembles perform repertoire they have lived and breathed for decades, a real family affair.

Sigiswald Kuijken Solo Recital^
A jewel of the early music series, this is a unique and intimate showcase of Bach's solo violin sonatas from a leader of the genre.   

Choosing your Series package

The Early Music Series packages are available in the following centres:

Auckland & Wellington
Your Series Concerts: L'Arpeggiata - Masaaki Suzuki & Juilliard415 - Kuijken Quartet - Sigiswald Kuijken Solo Recital

Your Series Concerts: L'Arpeggiata 
(Auckland concert) Masaaki Suzuki & Juilliard415 - Sigiswald Kuijken Solo Recital

Hawke's Bay, Christchurch & Dunedin
Your Series Concerts: L'Arpeggiata - Masaaki Suzuki & Juilliard415 - Kuijken Quartet 

For concert dates and times please check the quick view event calendar or click on the event title above.



Booking the Early Music Series also entitles you to CMNZ Subscriber benefits - receive discounted ticket prices and much more. By booking a Premier Pass you enable a school child to attend the subscription concert season for free and you will also be invited to attend special events.



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Series Package Prices

* Concession prices available for SuperGold and card holders aged 65+ years.
Auckland / Wellington $399 $339 $285 $243 $228 $192 $141 $120
Hamilton $210 $177 $153 $129 $78 $66 - -
Hawke's Bay $285 $243 $198 $168 $162 $138 $90 $78
Christchurch $297 $252 $207 $177 $171 $144 $96 $81
Dunedin $294 $249 $186 $159 $147 $126 $87 $72