A Bold New Look

Monday, 12 March 2018
Music Up Close

We have exciting news to share with you. The 2018 Season launch marked the introduction of Music Up Close and we now have a new look to follow suit!


Why refresh the CMNZ brand?

Participation in the arts is a continually evolving space – be it as a performer, creative, audience member, administrator, supporter or more. Needs, wants, and values all change over time.

We must ensure our identity best communicates why we exist, what we believe in, where we’re headed and what we have to offer in order to remain relevant and thrive in this challenging climate.

Audiences First

As New Zealand’s national organisation devoted to chamber music, this brand refresh marks a new chapter in our ongoing mission to foster a love and appreciation of great music throughout Aotearoa.

Advocating inclusion, participation and discovery for diverse audiences, our aim is to strengthen our connection with existing concert-goers, introduce the genre to new audiences, foster emerging talent and ignite a passion for the art form that will ensure it thrives for generations.


Thank you for your support!



What is in a name?
CMNZ’s existing brand and visual identity has served it well for a number of years. It has, however, caused some confusion – particularly outside classical music circles.

The brand refresh retains Chamber Music New Zealand as the presenting organisation, while Music Up Close adds a stronger sense of why we exist and how we are able to enrich the lives of New Zealanders from all backgrounds.
Maintaining a legacy 
We must not lose sight of our legacy. The integration of Music Up Close and Chamber Music New Zealand acknowledges our heritage and the strong foundations we’ve built upon for almost 68 years.




The Logo

At the heart of this brand refresh is our core focus on connection – connecting artists and music, music and audiences, audiences and artists – the intimacy of the artform, live performance and personal discovery. 

We’ve raised Music Up Close to communicate this message first. The distinctive letterforms have been crafted to demonstrate intimacy, richness, quality and strength with a softness that reflects our attitude: accessible, friendly, and approachable.



Introducing Puoro Taupiri and Puoro Taiwhanga Aotearoa

We are a uniquely New Zealand organization, a genuine champion of this country’s multicultural society. We needed to communicate our respect and eagerness to engage with our developing cultural landscape, starting with our indigenous heritage. 

By creating a duo logo identity and integrating reo Māori we hope to illustrate our commitment to treasuring Māori culture and Te Reo Māori as our taonga and connecting with communities across Aotearoa.
Puoro Taupiri

To develop our name we were referred to Te Haumihiata Mason, a Māori Language Consultant and Translation Expert, former Kaitiaki Reo (language guardian) of Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Māori (Māori Language Commission).

An outline of the concept and objective was discussed and we were presented with a list of options that were a translation of our defining promise: ‘Music Up Close.’

With VOICE Brand Agency, we selected Puoro Taupiri – ‘Puoro’ meaning music or instruments and ‘Taupiri’ meaning intimacy, or closeness in an intimate sense. Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Māori gladly gave their endorsement.   
Puoro Taiwhanga Aotearoa

We also needed a direct translation of Chamber Music New Zealand. Puoro Taiwhanga Aotearoa was gifted by the Commission, “The original meaning of the word ‘taiwhanga’ (place, locality) was extended to include ‘chamber’ and ‘room’ and is now commonly used to refer to such places.”

The boldest part of the new visual identity, however, is not the use of Te Reo itself, but its interchangeability with the English language version. We expect that our audiences and stakeholders will quickly come to recognize Puoro Taupiri and Music Up Close as equivalent promises to deliver high quality music by small ensembles in, as far as possible, venues with the right acoustic and ambience


We’ve been so pleased with the work by our new creative partner VOICE Brand Agency - the partnership is doing great things for the way we present ourselves to the world and we’re truly looking forward to taking this next big step with them.

2018 is going to be another big year, we look forward to sharing our passion and continuing to deliver outstanding, accessible and inspiring experiences across Aotearoa.