5 Fast Facts with Beethoven

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

New Zealand acclaimed pianist, Michael Houstoun and 2007 Michael Hill International Violin Competition winner, Bella Hristova, are touring Aotearoa this August and September. These outstanding musicians will perform all ten of Beethoven's Piano & Violin Sonatas.

We've all heard of Beethoven before, but how well do you know this composer? Test your knowledge with these 5 fast facts.


What were you up to when you were 29? At that age, Beethoven debuted his first symphony! Performed in the Burgtheater in Vienna in April, 1800.


Beethoven had absolute pitch, so even after he went completely deaf, he could imagine the sounds and the harmony in his mind without hearing them on an instrument.


Supposedly Beethoven used to dip his head in cold water before composing. Any composer out there feel like giving this a go?


When he was young Beethoven would give funny titles to his compositions such as "Elegie auf den Tod eines Pudels" (Elegy on the Death of a Poodle). The identity of the special poodle remains unknown!


Beethoven died during a thunderstorm aged 56. His friend compared the occasion to the composer’s symphonies with “crashes that sound like hammering on the portals of Fate.”


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