5 Fast Facts with Anderson & Roe Piano Duo

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Scroll through these quickfire facts and get up to speed with this energetic duo. From burning pianos and throwing (accidental) elbows at each other; to performing Mozart and Daft Punk.


18 years and going strong.

Anderson & Roe met in 2000 as freshmen at The Juilliard School, after being allocated rooms on the same floor of the dormitory. After an “immediate and organic chemistry at the piano”, they formed their musical partnership and have since toured together around the globe.


Walking (or playing!) on dangerous ground.

The duo gained quite the reputation thanks to their home-made, daring videos, for which they also have been Emmy-nominated. Some of the more extreme videos included burning and drowning a piano (The Rite of Spring – The Sacrificial Dance) and worms crawling on the pianists’ hands (The Rite of Spring – Rituals of the Ancestors). 


Let’s get physical.

Physicality it’s a big part of Greg and Elizabeth’s performances; dancing moves are often recreated with their hands, to convey the emotions of the piece. The on-stage performance is infused with a sense of improvisation and danger, but everything is carefully composed and rehearsed beforehand. Accidents do happen though, as Liz experiences first hand – “Once Greg was a bit too physical during a performance of our “Libertango” arrangement, he actually elbowed me in the face! I was dazed by the accidental blow, but I kept going; meanwhile Greg kept looking at me with this terribly guilty expression. Thankfully intermission immediately followed, so I could ice my face before the second half!

(Quote from Piano Performer Magazine's interview).


Cocktails & tunes.

During his downtime, Greg likes to try his hand at mixing cocktails & creating new recipes. On the duo's blog, there's even a whole section dedicated to "Musical Miixology", where Greg pairs new alcoholic concoctions with his choice of musical pieces. 


The "Anderson & Roe treatement".

The "Anderson & Roe treatement" is well-known by the duo's audience worldwide.  From  Mozart, to Daft Punk, Elizabeth & Greg have added their creative flair to a remarkable number of pieces!

"A piece of music is worth re-imagining if we can put a different or enlightening spin on it; infuse it with our personality and with the unique interactivity of two pianos, often with a single keyboard. There’s a lot of narrative and choreographic potential with that configuration.”

Touring NZ 10-23 March. Find out more about Anderon & Roe Piano Duo here