2018 Prelude Series: what to expect

Monday, 19 February 2018
Concert Hall Michael Fowler Prelude Events

Do you want more out of your concert experience? Do you like to get the backstory of the pieces you are about to hear? Or perhaps hearing directly from composers and musicians?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you won't want to miss our Prelude Events.  Here is all you need to know:

WHEN: Held 45min before our concerts begin (unless specified otherwise). We'll include a reminder in your Concert Reminder email and alert you of any changes. Not receiving a Concert Reminder? Sign up here or send us an email to update your Mailchimp preferences.

WHAT :  Each Prelude Event features a different speaker, from lecturers, to composers or musicians. Some events might feature Q&A sessions with the musicians or short performances by emerging groups. One thing is sure, no event will ever be the same!  Check the "Extra Event" tab in each tour page to find out the line up, as we realease more information throughout the year. 

WHY:  Have you ever attended a concert and left with questions about the programme you heard or wanting to know more about the musicians? Our Prelude events were crafted with this in mind, aiming to give our audiences a deeper insight into the music you will hear on the night. We approach this from different angles, inviting experts in the field to 'unpack' concert content. Sometimes you'll hear excerpts of music, see videos, or images, that add that 'extra something' to the performance. 


"I love learning more about music. I attended the prelude talk by Helene Pohl and Kathryn Stott and loved it!" - Kathryn Stott & NZSQ feedback

Anderson & Roe Piano Duo

Anderson & Roe Piano Duo's Prelude details can be found here,  in the "Extra Events" section.

In Auckland and Wellington there will be a post- concert Q&A with Elizabeth Joy Roe and Greg Anderson. We will LIVE STREAM the Q&A on our Facebook Page - make sure to tune in from 9:30pm. Have a question for the duo? Type it in the live stream comments and we'll ask it for you!

Prelude Events in all other centres will keep the usual time of 45 minutes prior to the concert.

Come along early to the next concert and relax with a glass wine, while enjoying a window into the musical world you are about to enter!