In The Community

A universal language that can bring people together.



For many people their first encounter with chamber music is through school. We offer special deals for school groups and independent music schools: find out more about the School Concert Packages we offer.



One in four people in New Zealand – more than one million – live with a disability or impairment. That’s a lot of people, who all have the right to enjoy the arts as artists, participants, audience members.  Here at CMNZ, we are on a mission to make chamber music more accessible to all, year after year. Follow  updates and news as they get announced.



CMNZ's ground breaking audio described concerts with associated touch tours enables our sight-impaired community to enjoy our main-stage concerts in all their vibrancy, alongside their sighted concert-goers.  Companion seats are offered free, and usher assistance is available if required. 



Prelude events are free pre-concert events, designed to enrich your concert experience. They can take different forms, ranging from Q&A sessions to pre-concert talks, panel discussions and Open Stage performances.



Every year we celebrate the traditional Maori's New Year, by fusing together chamber music, Māori music and storytelling. Watch this space for 2017 events details.



CMNZ is keen to provide opportunities for our young tertiary level musicians to learn from our touring artists.  



The Babysitting Club has been created to ensure that people who love music can still come to concerts, even when they have the added expense of a babysitter.  


CLASSICAL SESSIONS at The Third Eye - Tuatara Brewery's Temple of Taste

On the first Wednesday of every month, we present Classical Sessions co-hosted by The Third Eye, featuring some of NZ’s finest and funnest classical musicians getting together over a pint or two and making music. 



If you were born between the 80s and Y2K, your tickets are priced by how old you are. Seriously, that’s a night at the concert hall for $35 at the very most. And that’s just the beginning - SIGN UP to our Generation You mailing list to keep up to date as we as we reveal more perks throughout the year.   


FEATURETTE In the Neighbourhood with 2016 guest violinist Suyeon Kang: