Community Funding

We are delighted to work with our funders to benefit communities right across New Zealand.

Grants received from trusts and foundations, including those distributing funds generated through the gaming industry, help ensure that our life-long learning activities are able to flourish, and that the highest quality chamber music is available to all New Zealanders. 

We are deeply grateful to a wide range of trusts and foundations who generously support the work of Chamber Music New Zealand. 

In particular, we are especially for the support for the support of NZCT who have provided significant funding towards our annual secondary schools' chamber music contest for the past 12 years.

The valuable funding provided by Community and Regional Trusts throughout the country provide support for many of the life-long learning activities that CMNZ operates, along with ensuring that the highest quality chamber music is available to New Zealanders thoughout the country.

We are also proud to acknowledge the assistance of several philanthropic trusts who also assist in making a significant difference to the work of Chamber Music New Zealand.

Our current funders can be found here