Audio Description 2018

Audio Description 2018

In 2018 we are offering Audio Description services at our Auckland, Wellington and New Plymouth Alex Ross with Bianca Andrews and STROMA concert. 


Audio Description involves the accessibility of the visual images of theatre, television, movies, and other art forms for people who are blind, have low vision, or who are otherwise visually impaired. It is a narration service that describes what the sighted person takes for granted. A trained audio describer will provide a live, objective description of the visual elements of performance during pauses in the music, using a headset with a microphone. The narration is transmitted to audience members who are each wearing an earpiece, with the earpiece attached to a pocket-sized radio receiver.

Touch Tour prior to the concert gives audience members the opportunity to experience the stage space, feel and hear where the performers are sitting on stage in relation on each other, and touch the instruments they will hear in the concert.



Call our ticketing coordinator Laurel on 0800 266 2378 and request an Audio Described ticket for the Auckland, Welllington or New Plymouth concert. We can organise all of the ticketing over the phone.

If you have already purchased a ticket for this concert through a ticket agency and wish to book for the Audio Description and Touch Tour, please call Laurel on 0800 266 2378.



• Touch tour
• Audio described concert
• Companion seat, free of charge (if required)
• Guide dog access (if required)
• Volunteer assistance (if required)


More Information

For more information on this concert and Chamber Music New Zealand contact:
Sue Jane
Chamber Music New Zealand

0800 266 2378
04 802 0758