Our Advocate - Michael Houstoun

"Chamber music has been a significant part of my musical life since I was in high school. "

Michael Houstoun

Concert pianist, Michael Houstoun, has a long-standing connection with Chamber Music New Zealand. He reached the finals of the secondary school Chamber Music Contest twice, and his first of many tours for us was in 1972.  In the 1990s he performed his first cycle of Beethoven's 32 piano sonatas, re-cycling them around the country most recently in 2013 as part of his 60th birthday celebrations.

In 2009 we appointed Michael as Advocate of Chamber Music New Zealand, and three years later gifted him with Life Membership in recognition of the musical stimulation he has imparted across the country.

Michael Houstoun, concert pianist and CMNZ advocate"In my 40 year professional lifetime, all but a handful of my chamber music performances have been under the auspices of CMNZ. At the same time, as an audience member, I have enjoyed concerts by my colleagues both from New Zealand and overseas. It has been my privilege as I have matured to often work with younger musicians as part of CMNZ’s most important role in fostering the extraordinary depth of talent in our schools. CMNZ needs our financial and voluntary support in order to keep developing this talent, and also to provide the opportunity for future generations to experience the intensity and beauty of live chamber music."  Michael Houstoun